It means so much more.

Maybe it’s a diamond ring. Maybe it’s a wine collection. Maybe it’s a modest collection of originals. You bought these treasured items for a purpose – for more than just something to look at. These items mean more to you, perhaps more than any other material goods you have.


At Rizk Insurance, we understand that items like art and jewellery mean so much more than just their face value. We strive to help you provide comprehensive coverage for these items, so that if something does happen, you are protected. We have access to a wide range of specialty insurance providers, so that you can experience exceptional coverage, service and value. We can help you protect your jewellery and art collections of all shapes and sizes, and can customize a program to insure nearly any collectible.

Here are some of the features that we will find for you.


No deductible or depreciation for scheduled items.


150 percent replacement cost.


Coverage for breakage and mysterious disappearance.


Appraisals not required for jewellery items under $100k.


Appraisals not required for fine art items under $250k.


Reduced rates for items kept in a bank vault.


Wine collections insured with no deductible.


Valuables automatically covered globally – with you, or in transit.