Chasing your dreams – from home?

Running a business from home is an admirable undertaking. Whether you are a dog groomer, a bath bomb sculptor or a hot sauce connoisseur, we love to support home-grown business at Rizk Insurance.


If you work from home, your homeowner insurance does not cover your business – in fact, you are required to obtain home-based business insurance. But not to worry. This is simply just an add-on to your regular home insurance policy. Speak with one of our experienced brokers at Rizk Insurance about adding property and liability coverage to your home insurance policy today.


To run a business, you need security. Protecting the items you need to run your business—including furniture, equipment, computers, software, cell phones and, of course, the product you hold for sale—is protecting the business itself.


At Rizk Insurance, we want to make sure you understand the different options available, and that you find the coverage you need. We provide competitive quotes for your consideration, so you can get the best rates in town.


So whether you’re a blogger, a baker, or a candlestick maker, give us a call. We’d be happy to set you up with a home-based business insurance plan that will keep your business happy, healthy – and protected.

Home-based business insurance protects your business from risks:

In addition to providing general liability insurance, home-based business insurance protects your business from other risks, such as:


Damage (due to fire or water) of product or equipment.


Theft of product or equipment.


Accidental injury liability.