Understanding Your Driving Record

Your driving record is one of the most important tools your insurance company can use when determining your insurance rates.  Alberta drivers can easily access their driving record by obtaining a driver abstract, a printed summary of a person’s driving record, including merit and demerit points, convictions and suspensions.


A driver can request either: (a) Standard Driver Abstract, or (b) Commercial Driver Abstract.  These abstracts can cover terms of 3, 5 or 10 year periods.


A Standard Driver Abstract indicates the driver’s appearance (height, weight, sex), the current status of the driver’s license, conditions (if any), conviction information, demerit points and suspensions.  A Commercial Driver Abstract contains most of the same information as the Standard Driver Abstract (excluding the driver’s appearance) plus information about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspections.


A driving abstract does not confirm the individual’s driving experience nor the date the license was first issued.  If you find a mistake on your driving record, immediately contact the Ministry of Transport.


Drivers abstracts can be obtained in person at a Service Alberta location with photo identification and a filled-out application form.  If you are out of province, you can request a driving abstract by using a notarized request form (insert link) and upon payment of the applicable costs.

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